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The Saint of the day is St. Hugh of Grenoble! A saint that proves there's no running from your problems!
Born in 1053 in Southeastern France, Hugh was ordained a bishop at the age of only 20, for his advanced theological knowledge and piety, by Pope Gregory VII. Under the institution of the pope, St. Hugh was selected to carry out reforms of abuses in the Church, at the time.
After two years of successfully battling abuses in Grenoble such as Simony (the selling of church positions) and enforcing rules about clerical celibacy, St. Hugh wished to take it easy from all of the chaos in the church and become a monk at the great Benedictine monastery in Cluny. However, Pope Gregory wasn't done with his special gifts just yet. . . so he ordered St. Hugh to remain as bishop, for he was well known for his preaching and generosity to the poor.
In 1084, St. Hugh helped St. Bruno of Cologne and six companions found the great Carthusian monastery, "La Grande Chartreuse," way up in the Alps.
As often as he could, St. Hugh would visit them. He even took on, as much as he could in his role as bishop, the monastic way of life, practiced by the monks at Chartreuse.
After many long years of painful illness which he suffered in silence, St. Hugh died on April 1, 1132, and was canonized only 2 years later by Pope Innocent the II.
If you've been running from God's calling for you, let this be a sign that it's time to listen and do whatever He asks of us!
St. Hugh of Grenoble, pray for us!
God Bless!
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