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"Joshua Masterson is super talented, professional, and punctual. So glad I hired him for my project. I'll be back again real soon!"

- Matt Fradd, Pints with Aquinas

Meet the Catholic Cartoonist!!!

Hey everyone, my name is Joshua Masterson, and I am the Catholic Cartoonist! I am one of 10 children - nine boys and one girl! I was homeschooled, along with my siblings, and we were all brought up in the Catholic Faith. The faith means so much to us. It’s our life! 

I always had a gift with drawing since I was young. God has blessed me tremendously, and I desired to use my gifts of art to glorify Him and edify His people! 

I originally wanted to make fine art. Artwork that you would see in the beautiful cathedrals! But I have always been more partial to cartoons. So, I thought… why couldn’t I make cartoons for Our Lord?


I believe everyone ought to laugh every once in a while, especially in this very serious world. And Who do you think we got out our sense of humor from?


I truly hope my cartoons bring a smile to you on a bad day. Good days too!  


God Bless you and keep you always!


What is the Catholic Cartoon?

The Catholic Cartoon is about a kind and quirky Parish Priest named Fr. Otto. He, along with his parishioners at St. Peter's, experience fun and wholesome moments that will surely make your day full of laughter! 


"Try to laugh a lot, because life is funny, and everybody today is too serious. The only tragedy in the world, my friend, is sin." - Mother Angelica 


If you have any questions, contest entries, want to become a patreon sponsor, or anything else cool you'd like to share, please contact me at these locations! Also feel free to use the help box to the bottom right of the screen!

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The Catholic Cartoon

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